Why You Should Invest in Heat-Treated Pallets

Wooden pallets have been used in the shipping and handling business for many years. But with ongoing recalls concerning pests and chemical traces in food, pharmaceuticals and other delicate products, an alternative for the safe packaging of goods was necessary.
Brampton Pallet supplies manufacturers, distributors and transportation companies in a wide range of industries with quality heat-treated pallets that meet the strictest international standards.

Don’t get stuck at the border! Consider these advantages to using heat-treated pallets the next time you have truckloads of merchandise to move.

What are heat-treated pallets?

Heat-treating has become the ultimate standard for sterilizing wooden pallets and crates. In a nutshell, heat is used to alter the composition of wood to make it more resistant to moisture and completely eradicate living organisms. Additionally, heat-treated pallets have increased resistance to fungi and other microorganisms that often cause materials to rot. Unlike other methods of sterilization, such as fumigation, heat-treating makes zero use of toxic pesticides and chemicals.

What are the advantages?

How does cheaper shipping, safer handling and longer-lasting pallets sound? Well, with heat-treated pallets, your business can benefit from all of these advantages and then some! Contrary to standard wood-treating methods, heat-treating:

• Reduces moisture content, making pallets lighter and freight cheaper.
• Minimizes chemical-related health risks for guaranteed safe handling.
• Destroys parasites, such as insects and larvae
• Better preserves wood thanks to increased durability.
• Does not release chemical fumesduring manufacturing.
• Reduces waste by creating a eusable and recyclable product.
• Decreases the risk of cross-contaminated goods and transfers of parasites across borders.

We’ve got the pallets you need

Ontario’s source for quality pallets, Brampton Pallet can help get your merchandise to its final destination in a secure and cost-effective way. Our certified heat-treated pallets exceed the most stringent hygienic and sterilization standards currently enforced in the food, pharmaceutical and related industries. Whether you’re a warehouse, distributor or freight company, we can create custom heat-treated pallets in all sizes and quantities for your business or product needs.

Have leftover pallets? Brampton Pallet can recycle them for you! As a wood recycling contractor in the Greater Toronto Area, we reuse and recondition materials as efficiently as possible to provide our customers with durable, eco-friendly pallets that preserve the integrity of
all merchandise they carry. That’s right; no more damp boxes!

Stop worrying about shipping restrictions and start investing in heat-treated solutions. Contact us today to get the pallets you need!

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