Using Wood Chips to Heat Your Greenhouse

Did you know that a one-hectare greenhouse can be heated using wood chips? Not only is this heating method highly effective when it comes to warming up greenhouses, commercial buildings and industrial buildings, but it’s also an inexpensive and eco-friendly energy-saving solution. Here are the basics on wood chips and their use as biomass fuel.

What are wood chips and where do they come from?
Companies rarely specialize in wood chip production. Factories that produce wood chips usually manufacture larger wood products as their principal commodity, such as lumber, pulp, furniture and wooden pallets. These various production processes leave behind scrap wood, which are fed through a wood chipper to make wood chips. These wood chips are in turn sold—and often delivered—to customers.

How are woods chips used as biomass fuel?
Wood chips are used in biomass boilers, which create heat using biomass fuel (wood chips, wood pellets or logs). The wood chips are fed into a combustion chamber, where they ignite, producing hot gas and air that heats the water used in the central heating system.

Benefits of using biomass boilers
Biomass boilers are powerful heaters that distribute heat evenly. They’re cost-efficient energy systems, especially given that using oil, propane or electricity in heating systems is becoming increasingly expensive. They’re also a much greener option than heating systems that use fossil fuels.

Benefits of using woods chips as biomass fuel
Cost-wise, wood chips are a highly economical and convenient energy source, provided they’re available locally and you can buy them in bulk. Local companies that manufacture wood chips on a large scale offer attractive prices and typically deliver.

It’s also an environmentally responsible energy source. For one, producing wood chips ensures that a factory’s extra, unused wood doesn’t go to waste. Additionally, when burned in a biomass boiler, wood chips are a nearly carbon neutral energy source.

Buying wood chips in the GTA
At Brampton Pallet, our production of wooden pallets results in a good deal of scrap wood. We’re dedicated to reusing and recycling materials, and we’re pleased to be able to produce wood chips with leftover wood from our pallets.

We supply wood chips to Toronto, Brampton and surrounding areas for use as biomass fuel, delivering directly to your greenhouse. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly, affordable and convenient way to heat your greenhouse, call us today!

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