Uses for Wood Mulch in and out of the Garden

At Brampton Pallet, we pride ourselves on our commitment to wood recycling. One of the ways we ensure all our timber gets put to good use is to manufacture wood chip mulch. And while you may have appreciated the pleasing appearance of wood mulch in Toronto neighbourhood gardens, what you may not know is it’s as useful as it is beautiful. Here are some ways mulch can be put to good purpose.

A source of nutrients for your garden
Wood mulch is composed of lumber that’s broken down into small fragments. Since the pieces vary in size, they decompose in your soil at different rates. This allows for a slow release of nutrients in your soil that nourishes your plants and blooms.

Conserve moisture in the soil
Those scorching hot summer days have a way sucking up all the dampness out of your garden and depriving your plants of much needed moisture. Wood mulch aids in preventing your soil from drying up, locking moisture in where you need it most.

Suppress weed growth
If you love your garden but loathe weeding, than wood mulch may be the answer. The mulch coating over your soil can help prevent unwanted seed from taking root and suppress those seeds that do make it through from sprouting. It’s good to know that wood mulch can also suppress the blooming of your favourite perennials. To ensure tulips, daffodils and other blossoms sprout in the spring, remove the mulch as part of your fall gardening regiment and replace it once all perennials are up.

Beyond the garden
Outside of its handiness in your yard and garden, wood chip mulch has a number of other uses. Brampton Pallet has sold mulch for an array of other purposes including:

• For use on playgrounds. Wood mulch is often placed under playground apparatuses as it can reduce the force of impact should a child fall.
• Dust and erosion control on construction sites. New construction where foundation needs to be established often results in having a layer of loose dirt piled up. To protect workers and nearby areas from excessive dust contamination, a layer of mulch can be used to keep dirt from being blown around the site and through the neighbourhood. Stabilizing the ground is another reason to use mulch on new construction sites.
• Livestock bedding. Due to its cost-effectiveness and the low labour input that’s required, wood mulch is often a preferred choice for use as livestock bedding.
• Fuel supplement. Wood mulch can be used to manufacture logs and briquettes to burn in a fireplace or wood stove.

Affordable wood mulch at Brampton Pallet
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