Why You Should Invest in Heat-Treated Pallets

Wooden pallets have been used in the shipping and handling business for many years. But with ongoing recalls concerning pests and chemical traces in food, pharmaceuticals and other delicate products, an alternative for the safe packaging of goods was necessary.
Brampton Pallet supplies manufacturers, distributors and transportation companies in a wide range of industries with quality heat-treated pallets that meet the strictest international standards.

Don’t get stuck at the border! Consider these advantages to using heat-treated pallets the next time you have truckloads of merchandise to move.

What are heat-treated pallets?

Heat-treating has become the ultimate standard for sterilizing wooden pallets and crates. In a nutshell, heat is used to alter the composition of wood to make it more resistant to moisture and completely eradicate living organisms. Additionally, heat-treated pallets have increased resistance to fungi and other microorganisms that often cause materials to rot. Unlike other methods of sterilization, such as fumigation, heat-treating makes zero use of toxic pesticides and chemicals.

What are the advantages?

How does cheaper shipping, safer handling and longer-lasting pallets sound? Well, with heat-treated pallets, your business can benefit from all of these advantages and then some! Contrary to standard wood-treating methods, heat-treating:

• Reduces moisture content, making pallets lighter and freight cheaper.
• Minimizes chemical-related health risks for guaranteed safe handling.
• Destroys parasites, such as insects and larvae
• Better preserves wood thanks to increased durability.
• Does not release chemical fumesduring manufacturing.
• Reduces waste by creating a eusable and recyclable product.
• Decreases the risk of cross-contaminated goods and transfers of parasites across borders.

We’ve got the pallets you need

Ontario’s source for quality pallets, Brampton Pallet can help get your merchandise to its final destination in a secure and cost-effective way. Our certified heat-treated pallets exceed the most stringent hygienic and sterilization standards currently enforced in the food, pharmaceutical and related industries. Whether you’re a warehouse, distributor or freight company, we can create custom heat-treated pallets in all sizes and quantities for your business or product needs.

Have leftover pallets? Brampton Pallet can recycle them for you! As a wood recycling contractor in the Greater Toronto Area, we reuse and recondition materials as efficiently as possible to provide our customers with durable, eco-friendly pallets that preserve the integrity of
all merchandise they carry. That’s right; no more damp boxes!

Stop worrying about shipping restrictions and start investing in heat-treated solutions. Contact us today to get the pallets you need!

Using Wood Chips to Heat Your Greenhouse

Did you know that a one-hectare greenhouse can be heated using wood chips? Not only is this heating method highly effective when it comes to warming up greenhouses, commercial buildings and industrial buildings, but it’s also an inexpensive and eco-friendly energy-saving solution. Here are the basics on wood chips and their use as biomass fuel.

What are wood chips and where do they come from?
Companies rarely specialize in wood chip production. Factories that produce wood chips usually manufacture larger wood products as their principal commodity, such as lumber, pulp, furniture and wooden pallets. These various production processes leave behind scrap wood, which are fed through a wood chipper to make wood chips. These wood chips are in turn sold—and often delivered—to customers.

How are woods chips used as biomass fuel?
Wood chips are used in biomass boilers, which create heat using biomass fuel (wood chips, wood pellets or logs). The wood chips are fed into a combustion chamber, where they ignite, producing hot gas and air that heats the water used in the central heating system.

Benefits of using biomass boilers
Biomass boilers are powerful heaters that distribute heat evenly. They’re cost-efficient energy systems, especially given that using oil, propane or electricity in heating systems is becoming increasingly expensive. They’re also a much greener option than heating systems that use fossil fuels.

Benefits of using woods chips as biomass fuel
Cost-wise, wood chips are a highly economical and convenient energy source, provided they’re available locally and you can buy them in bulk. Local companies that manufacture wood chips on a large scale offer attractive prices and typically deliver.

It’s also an environmentally responsible energy source. For one, producing wood chips ensures that a factory’s extra, unused wood doesn’t go to waste. Additionally, when burned in a biomass boiler, wood chips are a nearly carbon neutral energy source.

Buying wood chips in the GTA
At Brampton Pallet, our production of wooden pallets results in a good deal of scrap wood. We’re dedicated to reusing and recycling materials, and we’re pleased to be able to produce wood chips with leftover wood from our pallets.

We supply wood chips to Toronto, Brampton and surrounding areas for use as biomass fuel, delivering directly to your greenhouse. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly, affordable and convenient way to heat your greenhouse, call us today!

Uses for Wood Mulch in and out of the Garden

At Brampton Pallet, we pride ourselves on our commitment to wood recycling. One of the ways we ensure all our timber gets put to good use is to manufacture wood chip mulch. And while you may have appreciated the pleasing appearance of wood mulch in Toronto neighbourhood gardens, what you may not know is it’s as useful as it is beautiful. Here are some ways mulch can be put to good purpose.

A source of nutrients for your garden
Wood mulch is composed of lumber that’s broken down into small fragments. Since the pieces vary in size, they decompose in your soil at different rates. This allows for a slow release of nutrients in your soil that nourishes your plants and blooms.

Conserve moisture in the soil
Those scorching hot summer days have a way sucking up all the dampness out of your garden and depriving your plants of much needed moisture. Wood mulch aids in preventing your soil from drying up, locking moisture in where you need it most.

Suppress weed growth
If you love your garden but loathe weeding, than wood mulch may be the answer. The mulch coating over your soil can help prevent unwanted seed from taking root and suppress those seeds that do make it through from sprouting. It’s good to know that wood mulch can also suppress the blooming of your favourite perennials. To ensure tulips, daffodils and other blossoms sprout in the spring, remove the mulch as part of your fall gardening regiment and replace it once all perennials are up.

Beyond the garden
Outside of its handiness in your yard and garden, wood chip mulch has a number of other uses. Brampton Pallet has sold mulch for an array of other purposes including:

• For use on playgrounds. Wood mulch is often placed under playground apparatuses as it can reduce the force of impact should a child fall.
• Dust and erosion control on construction sites. New construction where foundation needs to be established often results in having a layer of loose dirt piled up. To protect workers and nearby areas from excessive dust contamination, a layer of mulch can be used to keep dirt from being blown around the site and through the neighbourhood. Stabilizing the ground is another reason to use mulch on new construction sites.
• Livestock bedding. Due to its cost-effectiveness and the low labour input that’s required, wood mulch is often a preferred choice for use as livestock bedding.
• Fuel supplement. Wood mulch can be used to manufacture logs and briquettes to burn in a fireplace or wood stove.

Affordable wood mulch at Brampton Pallet
Need mulch? If you’re in the greater Toronto area we’ve got what you need. Contact us today to arrange a pick up or to get a free quote on the mulch you require.

Shipping Overseas with Wooden Pallets

When shipping goods overseas, you don’t want to run into any problems. For everything to go smoothly, you need to use the correct wooden pallets, specifically, ones that have been heat treated or fumigated in accordance with IIPC standards. In this article, you’ll learn why. You’ll also discover some of the benefits of using heat-treated wooden pallets, even for domestic shipping or shipping between Canada and the US.

International standards
Most countries around the world now adhere to a treaty called the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15), developed by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC). The main purpose of this treaty is to prevent the spread of insects and disease that could negatively impact plants or ecosystems. The ISPM 15 has regulations requiring that all wood packaging materials used in international shipping, including wooden pallets, are heat treated or fumigated with methyl bromide. Using pallets that don’t comply with this regulation results in penalties, significant quarantine delays and in some cases, refused entry into the destination country.

It’s easy to spot which wooden pallets (or other wood packaging materials) comply with the ISPM 15. They’re stamped or branded with a mark of compliance—what’s known in the industry as the “wheat stamp.” The stamp or brand is a rectangle divided into two parts. In the left section is the ISPM logo (a depiction of a strand of wheat), and in the right section, you find the following:

• A two-letter ISO country code (CA for Canada)
• A unique certification code issued to the company that heat treated or fumigated the pallet
• The letters HT or MB, indicating whether the material was heat treated or fumigated

Benefits of heat-treated pallets

Aside from being necessary in order to comply with IPPC’s regulations, using heat-treated pallets offers some distinct advantages, including:

• Durability. The heat treatment process reduces moisture content in the pallets, which makes them harder and more resistant.
• Affordability. Removing moisture from the pallets makes them lighter, therefore reducing cargo weight and, in turn, shipping costs.
• Pest prevention: Heat treated pallets prevent insects from damaging not only foreign ecosystems but also the goods you’re shipping. This means you’ll have no issues with Formosan termites, common furniture beetles, deathwatch beetles, wood-boring weevils or house longhorn beetles.

Heat-treated wooden pallets in Toronto and Brampton

If you’re shipping cargo overseas and require wooden pallets, talk to us at Brampton Pallet Inc. You can trust us to supply you with quality heat-treated wooden pallets that comply with international shipping regulations. Contact us today!

Scrap Pallet Removal

Tired of the stacks of used pallets taking up space in your facility? If you don’t know the best way to get rid of, remove, or recycle your scrap pallets, Brampton Pallet Inc. has a way to help. We will pay you to let us pick up your used or excess pallets. We take large quantities only via truckload full.

When you need scrap pallet removal in the GTA area, call a company that will not only remove your pallets but also recycle them. This is not just a great way to make some money; it’s also a great way to help the environment. Instead of constantly creating new pallets, Brampton Pallet Inc. is able to remanufacture used pallets into new products for our customers to buy. This is all thanks to businesses like yours that we can buy scrap pallets from. If you’re interested in scrap pallet removal, contact us today.

Scrap Pallet Removal Process

If you want Brampton Pallet Inc. to come to your business to recycle your scrap pallets, just send an email with where to pick them up, how many pallets you have and a photo of the pallets. Brampton Pallet Inc. will negotiate a price and will arrange a time to pick up your business’s excess/used pallets.

We provide scrap pallet removal in the GTA and surrounding areas. This is a simple and easy way for you to recycle pallets that are using up prime storage space or that are cluttering your yard. You can make a bit of cash and feel good about contributing to lessen your company’s carbon footprint by recycling your used pallets.

Recycling & Remanufacturing Scrap Pallets

After we pick them up, your scrap pallets go through a sorting system back at our shop, and they are categorized as good, good broken, or recyclable. From there, the pallets go to a grinder or a bandsaw. The pallets will either be grinded up into wood chips or taken apart to be made into remanufactured pallets. Any wood from pallets that are deemed good or good broken will be cut up and used to create new pallets of varying sizes. Pallets that are deemed as recyclable are grinded up and recycled as wood chips.

After Remanufacturing, We Resell Your Used Pallets

Once the recycling and remanufacturing processes are complete, we resell these new products. Customers can order premade pallets or custom pallets that are made completely remanufactured for the cheapest cost. We also offer businesses half new and half remanufactured pallets or entirely new pallets depending on each company’s needs, budget, product type, and weight.

Protect the Environment, One Pallet at a Time

If you want to help protect the environment in even a small way, and would like to make a bit of cash while doing so, contact Brampton Pallet Inc. We will come to you, pick up your pallets by the truckload, and recycle your pallets into new products that can be bought by other environmentally conscious clients like you.

Recycling Process

At Brampton Pallet, we are committed to the recycling process and conserving our natural resources. That is why we take an active role in not only producing high quality products, but making sure that pallets do not end up in landfills once they reach the end of their usefulness. That is why we promote the pallet recycling process, which safely disposes scrap pallets. You can even make a few dollars back in the end!

How Does It Work?

It all begins when you e-mail Brampton Pallet to let us know that you have scrap pallets to pick up. We begin the recycling process then by coming to your business location to pick up your scrap pallets. Generally, we will only come to your business if you have at least a truckload of pallets, so please contact us ahead of time. We then take them back to your facility, sort them into good, broken, or recyclable, and move on to the next phase.

More on Wood Pallet Recycling

Recycling for wood pallets is really a blanket term. Many pallets can be refurbished, dismantled, remanufactured (also known as Reman), or grinded into components for fiber products. For many, pallet recycling is often a last resort. Many of them can be salvaged to be refurbished and sold to other businesses.

When pallets are completely taken apart and used to make new pallets this is part of the remanufacturing process. Pieces of the pallet that are not broken can be rebuilt into new pallets for sale.

Sometimes that is not enough, however. That is where the grinder comes in. We can take broken pallets and throw them into the grinder, where they are broken down into useful wood chips and mulch. They can be used as biomass fuel in greenhouses for heat.

Pallet Types

As Ontario’s source for quality pallets, Brampton Pallet offers new, remanufactured, recycled, and combination pallets in a variety of sizes. If you are unsure of your pallet requirements, please call a sales associate to ensure your complete satisfaction. And remember, we offer pallet recycling too!

For durable pallets, count on us to deliver! Here are some of our most commonly ordered pallets:

48” x 40” 4-way #1 Pallets
7 Top Boards / 5 Bottom Boards
Lead Boards are Normally 4”
No Plugs Used in Repair

48” x 40” 4-way #2 Pallets
7 Top Boards / 3-5 Bottom Boards
Our Most Popular Selling Pallet
Economical and Cost-Efficient
Plugs are used in the repair

48” x 40” 4-way GMA Pallets
7 Top Boards / 5 Bottom Boards
Bottom 6” Lead Boards
Grocery Manufacturer Association Pallet

Euro Pallets
Standard Pallet in European Countries
Block Design
Commonly Used in Railway Shipping Container Loading
800mm x 1200mm Dimensions

48” x 40” 9-Block Pallets
7 Top Boards / Picture Frame or Non- Picture Frame Bottom
One of our most popular selling pallets
Economical and Cost-Efficient

48” x 48” Pallets
We offer a Full Repair Program for Pallet Management
New and Recycled

48” x 40” 2-way Pallets
Solid Stringer Design (No Notch)
Good for Racking

Charity & Sponsorships

Toronto Area Groups Brampton Pallet Supports
Groups we Support and Sponsor:
Whether racing cars or racing to find a cancer cure, these are some groups we are proud to support:

  • Canadian Cancer Society
  • Toyrific Racing
  • Resolution Racing
  • We are also a proud supporter of our local police and fire departments, who keep our communities safe day-after-day.

Get a free quote from the pallet company that cares – call Brampton Pallet Inc today!

5 Ideas for Re-purposing Wooden Pallets

At Brampton Pallet, we’re huge proponents of keeping perfectly good lumber out of landfills. Wood and pallet recycling is a big component of our business, and we’re very pleased to be able to offer clientele in Toronto, Milton, Mississauga and Brampton wood pallets that are made from recycled lumber. You, too, can make use of scrap pallets. Almost any building project can employ them to functional and fashionable ends. Here are five ideas to illumine your imagination.

A plush, oversized armchair for your living room or patio can be constructed from any two pallets of the same size. Saw each pallet in half and assemble the pieces to construct the chair (a simple Google search will turn up more detailed instructions). You can paint the wood any colour you like or stain it if you prefer natural looking wood. Foam cushions can be added for comfort.

Wine rack
All that’s needed to make a fabulous wall-mounted wine rack is the end section of a pallet, about 90 minutes of free time and some basic power tools to rig it together. The top part of the shelf is used to hold the wine bottles while the bottom part has uniform holes cut into it to hold your stemware. A light stain will give the wine rack a rustic feel whereas paint and stencilling will lend a country cottage aesthetic.

Room divider
A wood pallet room divider can add a dramatic touch to a bedroom, living room, or any part of your home where you wish to demarcate a particular area. You’ll need six pallets for a two-paneled divider, and three more for each additional panel. Customize your divider by hanging framed photographs, vintage signs, artwork, or anything else that strikes your fancy.

Vertical garden
Great for a patio or a small outdoor balcony, a vertical planter will beautify any outdoor area, even one with limited space. Prep a pallet of any size by sanding and then painting or staining the wood. Attach fabric pockets for holding soil between the slats. Finish by planting succulents or other greenery of your choosing.

Coffee table
A wood pallet coffee table is one of the most adaptable pallet projects to put together. There are dozens of variations ranging from complex to easy. Pallets can be sawn in half and stacked or completely disassembled to create the desired shape and structure. Use paint and stains according to your preference.

Your source for wood pallets
If you’re looking for affordable scrap pallets for your next building project, look no further than Brampton Pallet. Contact us today to get the pallets you need to bring your project to life.

Wood Chips for Biomass Fuel

Get Wood Chips at Brampton Pallet Inc. for Greenhouse Biomass Fuel

With all the pallets we make, repair and recycle, naturally Brampton Pallet Inc has become home to a quantity of scrap wood and wood chips. Brampton Pallet Inc. respects the natural resources and environment of our province and country as a whole; therefore, it is our policy to recycle and reuse our materials as efficiently as possible.

That’s why, here at Brampton Pallet Inc., we offer wood chips to the GTA and surrounding areas for use as biomass fuel in greenhouses. We also will deliver the wood chips directly to your greenhouse.

For an affordable, environmentally responsible fuel solution for your greenhouse, call us today! We look forward to talking to you about your requirements.